About me.

Recording the river Thames using a contact microphone and Tascam DR-680

Recording the river Thames using a contact microphone and Tascam DR-680

I started taking photos at the age of 11 with a Zenith Photosniper kit bought from a friend. It had manual focus lenses (well it was 1982) one was a wide angle and one was a 300mm.. I didn’t keep it long, but photography became this beast within….

Many, many years later in 2002, I bought my first digital camera, a Fuji 2 megapixel camera… Then upgraded and upgraded again to my first DSLR. This was a Nikon D70.. That did not last long and was replaced under warranty for a D70s. This did me well for many years.

In recent years I have held music workshops for children and adults, lessons at a public school and recording session on other artists albums. Over the last 20 years I have taught myself a large number of instruments and have my own style of playing. In 2004 I released my first album “Well now ya here!”

I am also a sound recordist of natural phenomenon, from weather to wildlife, in the air, on the ground or under water. I am also working on a number of sound art projects for release on CD in 2014. I am also available to create pieces for the public domain or to compose music to brief.

Sound is a fantastic medium to work in and one that has the ability to influence and control emotions and inspire us in everyday life and even pass exams.

I review things that may be of interest to those working in the same areas as myself.


4 comments on “About me.

  1. Hello,
    Just stumbled across your excellent review of the Jack Pyke Hunters jacket and trousers.
    You and I are about the same size so excellent to note your comments about trouser sizing!

    Could I just ask you how you are finding it now – a year on?
    Is it truly waterproof (in the field, not a lab test) and most importantly how silent really is it? I have read mixed anonymous reviews of the past few weeks, but can’t help feeling that these are more regurgitated hearsay, than first hand experience.

    Many thanks

    • Hi Tom,

      sorry it has taken so long to reply, been quite busy here. I am finding it an excellent outfit, though to be honest I have not worn the trousers much at all. infact, the jacket is my everyday coat and in green it really does look and feel superb. Not entirely silent however it is very quiet and certainly enough for woodland or outdoor activities. The trousers do not have belt loops which would help them stay up, though I have yet to get some braces which would fix this. I have my eye on a pair of the Countryman trousers which will suit me and what I do better if I am honest. I can also say the LLCS balaclava is also rather excellent, though with the modifications I suggest it is even better.

      I hope that helps, if you need anything more do give me a shout.


  2. Hi I just wondered whether you use the NT55s in omni or cardioid mode. I have a couple of the legacy NT5s, matched pair – which only has cardioid. Was thinking of getting a couple of Rycote Baby Ball Gags. Alternatively could get Rode WS8 – have you had any experience with the those?

    • Hi Stephe,

      Depending what and where I am recording is how I choose which capsule. I have a preference for the Omni as this will fair better in winds compared to a cardioid capsule. I have the rode blimp for my shotgun mic and it is excellent. Note that with the new improved model as far as I can tell without owning it, you can’t change the size of the mic as the lyres are fixed. You could use the WS8 but I think the Baby Ball Gags would be a better bet. or you could use two Rode blimps or the Rycote mini blimp or stereo version. (I say mini blimp but I forget what Rycote call the tiny model) and no I have not used the Rode.

      I hope that helps..


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