2 comments on “Metal, water and media appearances.

  1. Binaural, I’ve been looking in to that subject too..

    I’ve realized something about it that had not been in my thinking process before, so I got my thinking cap on and tried an experiment to see if this “realization” that I had, had any foundation to it..


    Don your headphones and let me know!

    I do know that some parts of the test work very well, it was the top and bottom locations which are the tough nut to crack, however, if you had seen the setup (will have to take a pic) you would see that it is quite amazing that it worked at all – BUT – I feel that the realization that I had is quite correct.

    I will continue to “improve” this and see if I can get one to be made by anyone for a few quid.. just add two mics and away you go..

    Penny for your thoughts?


    • The only downside to binaural recording is that the listener also needs to play it back on headphones and this does not translate to normal speakers very well. It can sound amazing on headphones though and well worth experimenting with.

      Your recording sounds very good. All you need to make sure of is that you have something to seperate the mics to reduce over bleed. This is an important part of the effect. My setup is a stereo set of lavalier microphones. You will also need some fake fur fluffies to reduce wind noise outside. You can have fun with planes overhead by spinning on the spot to have them go round your head!

      Will be doing some Dawn Chorus binaural recording as spring progresses.

      Nice funny recording you have there so keep them coming!

      S & I.

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